How to Become a Leader Among a New Team of Coworkers

October 21st, 2016

Leader in the Workplace | Chicago IL


When you transition to a new job or a new department, the idea of integrating yourself into this new environment can be scary. But demonstrating your skills as a leader can also be critical to your career development. You don’t have to be a manager to put yourself in a leadership position, but you do have to tread carefully so you don’t upset the office. So how can you become a leader in a new team of coworkers? Here’s how!

Get Involved

When people are automatically distrustful of a new team member it is usually because they refuse to get involved. They want to do everything their way without regard for the current coworker dynamic. Instead, focus on getting to know everyone on your new team by getting involved in the way they already do things around the office. This can be socially or with the daily work functions. Once you’re involved and a part of the team, you can offer ideas about how to improve processes.

Learn More

Spend your time with this new team learning things that weren’t a part of your old job. The more we learn as people, whether about the specific position or just new skills in general, the more we can contribute to the environment. Ask the others on the team to share their knowledge with you so you can learn more about what everyone does.

Be Proactive

If you see something that needs to get done and no one else is stepping up to do it, take that on for yourself. Being proactive shows that you’re willing to be a team player. If you demonstrate this kind of behavior, more people will also be willing to step up and take on other projects throughout the department.

Practice Gratitude

Most importantly, be thankful for your coworkers. Let them know you’re grateful for what they do on a regular basis, even if that is something they should be doing every day. They say that it isn’t happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy. And gratitude is contagious. You can establish an environment where everyone on your new team is valued for what they do every day.

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