Can a Workplace Halloween Party REALLY Boost Your Team’s Morale?

October 28th, 2016

Halloween in the Office


October is the favorite time of year for a lot of people. They may simply like the change in the weather, the crispness of the air, and the trappings of fall. They may crave those pumpkin spice lattes and put on their warm sweaters and wait eagerly as the holiday season begins. And for many, the crowning moment of a perfect October is Halloween. You may be thinking that this spooky tradition is best for little kids, but adults love getting into the fun, too. A workplace Halloween party can be a great way to put a little fun into the average workday and get people motivated.

Desk or Cube Decorating Contest

Get into the spirit all October long by engaging your staff in a decorating contest. Do it by individual desks or by department. Don’t let it become a distraction to regular work, but give your team the freedom to bring in decorations and make their workspaces a fall wonderland or a spooky haunted scene. This can get everyone excited about the holiday and happy to participate at work.

Community-Minded Trick or Treating

Here’s a great idea where you can combine civic action with Halloween fun. Ask everyone to bring in canned goods or other non-perishable foods that can be donated to your local food bank. On or near Halloween, the senior staff or management team can dress up and go cube-to-cube or desk-to-desk to collect these items just like a little kid getting candy on Halloween night.

Costume Contest

You can also encourage your staff to dress up. Have a contest for funniest costume, scariest costume, or most creative costume. Offer a fun reward like a gift card to a local restaurant or something fun in the office. Many adults like to dress up, too, so why not give them an outlet to do it at work.

In-House Pot-Luck Party

You can also celebrate the holiday with a fun fall pot-luck. This is a way for everyone to contribute and bring in their favorite hearty foods to celebrate the season. Have people sign up for a type of dish or just let the chips fall where they may have risk having 17 pumpkin pies. It can all be good fun and a break from the stressful workplace.

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