Use the Time You’re Given! How to Make Sure Your Employees Use Their Vacation time Before 2017

November 23rd, 2016



The statistics of U.S. employees who don’t use all of their allotted vacation time is astounding. We have created a culture where people feel like they need to be busy at all times in order to be relevant. Many employees are literally afraid to take their vacation time, so it is up to management to ensure that they can use this time and not waste it. It is better for them, and better for your company as a whole.

How to Make Sure Your Team Uses Vacation Time Before 2017

Lead by Example

When upper management doesn’t take their own vacation time, it is easy to understand why employees don’t feel comfortable leaving the office for a few days or a week. They will feel like they’re slacking or they may be afraid they are making the wrong impression. As a boss, it is critical that you demonstrate that taking time away from the office is essential. This also goes for checking in while away and even conducting business after hours.

Spread the Word About Vacations

Make sure your staff knows about the benefits of taking vacations. Provide reminders that vacation time must be used by the end of the year. Share information with your team about how vacations are healthy. Show how it is good to have a break from the office. And how a vacation can help them return more energized and engaged.

Encourage Reasonable Workloads

One of the biggest reasons employees can’t imagine taking a vacation is because they feel like they have too much to do. Maybe their workloads have become overwhelming, but they aren’t willing to say anything for fear of retribution. Evaluate where everyone is with their workload and determine if there is a way to decrease the burden.

Avoid Crisis Mode

Employees also often feel stressed right before a vacation. They feel as though their management is specifically trying to make them feel badly about taking time off. This is called crisis mode. When you decide that the employee needs to do everything the very last day before they leave. Instead, truly prioritize. Also, if you know an employee is leaving for vacation, give them ample time to complete a project rather than increasing the urgency at the last minute.

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