Four Ways to Secretly Interview for a New Position When You Are Currently Employed

November 30th, 2016


Are you unhappy in your current job? If so, you may be considering jump starting your job search. But if you’re working, how can you ensure that your hunt will remain confidential and not impact your current role? More importantly, how can you interview without your current employer finding out? You can work with Chicago staffing agencies to help be discrete in your job search and use these four tips to get you started.

Be Smart with Your Time

If you continuously take time off during working hours, you may tip off your employer. This is especially true if you work in a casual environment, but you’re dressing professionally for work. If you can, reserve interviewing for your lunch hour or after hours so you don’t have to take advantage of your current employer to make the interviews happen.

Don’t Use Company Equipment

Do not contact a potential interview using the phone or computers in your company’s office. Don’t fax or email your resume from the company machines. This increases your risk of getting caught, but it also demonstrates to the new company that you disregard your company’s internal policies.

Choose the Right References

References are specifically difficult for someone looking for a new job. You can’t include your current supervisor, even though that is who the new company most wants to call. Instead, consult with former coworkers or managers who are willing to give you a reference. Provide their names and numbers only when asked by the new potential employer.

Use Social Media

If you continuously update LinkedIn while you’re employed, it won’t look suspicious to your current employer. It is a good idea to use LinkedIn as your living resume so you never feel like you’re missing information once you go to update it. You can also use social media to connect with companies and learn about open positions.

If you’re looking for a new job but currently employed, it is critical that you make smart choices that won’t negatively impact your current employer, job, or coworkers.

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