Is Affordable Childcare While Employees Work a Viable Benefit?

December 30th, 2016


Throughout this year the conversation about childcare for working parents has expanded. But, for businesses considering the expansion of their benefits for 2017, is affordable childcare while employees work a viable solution?

Chicago temp agencies work hard to ensure that they provide the best talent for employers and best opportunities for candidates, but part of providing the best talent for an available position comes with making sure that employee has their personal life in order so that they can focus and succeed at their daily tasks.

The Cost of Child Care

The high cost of childcare often puts working families into a no-win situation. The lower wage earner may actually earn less than the cost of child care, so they barely break even. At the same time, these families may not be able to afford to live on a single income. It can be a difficult choice for families to have to make. Affordable childcare can be an answer to position your organization as an employer of choice within Chicago.

Inconstancy of Caretaker Schedules

Individual childcare or working with family or friends can often be inconsistent. When a caretaker is unable to watch a child, the parent is put in a situation of being unable to go to work. With affordable care options that allow for more consistency and backup contingencies, there will be fewer emergencies that need to be taken care of by the parents.

Parental Lifetime Earning Potential

Lifetime earning potential is a critical figure when it comes to family finances. For better or worse, men and women often have a different earning potential. And for women, the years that they are at their highest earning potential are also those that may overlap with motherhood. To be in the best position for their family’s financial future, they need to be able to consistently work while their children are receiving proper care.

Impact on Time in the Office

Offering affordable childcare does benefit the company as well as the employees who are parents. It will directly affect the time these employees will be able to spend in the office if they know that care is adequate and emergencies are covered. It will also impact your employees without children who often feel that parents get additional treatment and extra time off, which can cause discontent between coworkers.

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