About Partnership Employment

About PE

This is not a job, it is our life! We have a vast wealth of experience in a wide range of industries. We hire great people who, in turn, attract great candidates. We work harder and longer than the competition.

Anyone can make the obvious match. We train our employees to look below the surface, using their judgment, insight, and instincts, to make the right match.

Our Chairman has written 10 books on employment-related subjects. We are focused on and knowledgeable about the local market with an excellent track record and long history of service in your particular market.

Our Values

Partnership Employment stands on a firm foundation of honesty, integrity, and respect for the candidates seeking employment and the companies who we serve. We also believe in having fun.

Partnership Employment symbolizes the new concept in temporary staffing and search services. Consistent, reliable, better at achieving a higher level of performance for our clients, our associates, and our staff.

Each of our managers is either a principal or owner. They are decision makers. They live within your community and understand your local economy. They are your primary contacts, so you can be confident that your needs are being addressed by someone who understands your business.

We’re in it for the long term—candidates and clients alike.

At PE, we spend as much time getting to know your organization as we do screening our candidates. Why? It’s our mission to develop long-term partnerships with our clients – an ongoing relationship, not a transaction.

We’re good to all of our team members and clients.

Good people aren’t easy to find. We have excellent sources, creative recruiting techniques, and state-of-the art technology, including a formidable, exclusive database of highly qualified candidates. One of our secrets is that we recruit the best temporaries by retaining the most influential clients and top names in finance, entertainment, business products, and advertising.

Each of our candidates is individually interviewed, tested, screened, and goes through several rigorous checks, and we hire only those who meet our standards. Once they’re working for our clients, our temporaries receive bonuses for outstanding performance. In addition, we offer medical and dental benefits as well as perks such as direct deposit and complimentary software training classes. All terms and processes are agreed to at the outset. There are no surprises, either with our employees or procedures.

Our goal is to be your human-resources partner. We know we must help you meet your corporate milestones/expectations with immediate and effective staffing solutions to reach that goal.

"The Best Talent..."

"Tanja and her staff have been a tremendous asset to us in finding the very best talent.The service they provide has saved us an incredible amount of time which translates into thousands of dollars annually. Our relationship has been so successful that we now use Partnership exclusively."

-Harpers Payroll Services